Granite Countertop Installation

Any kitchen remodel project is capped off with the installation of the new countertop.

Big, heavy, and difficult to manuver, granite and stone countertops require a degree of skill to install. With the specialized knowledge and skills of our artisans, Mirage Stoneworks is among top tier countertop installation experts.

Can Mirage Stoneworks Stonemasons Do Counter Top Installation

Yes, Mirage Stoneworks stonemasons can install countertops. Stonemasons are skilled tradespeople who work with stone, concrete, and other masonry materials to build and repair structures. They have the expertise to measure and cut stone materials to size and install them as countertops, backsplashes, and other features in homes and buildings.

Additionally, Mirage Stoneworks stonemasons are familiar with the installation of sink cutouts, faucet holes, and other fixtures that are required for a complete countertop installation.

While stonemasons may not have the same level of expertise in plumbing and electrical work as a general contractor or kitchen remodeling specialist, they can still provide a high-quality countertop installation using their masonry skills.