Stonework Designs for Your Home

You see stonework and masonry throughout civilization and history. Stonework creates castles, fortresses, monuments, and the idea of solidity and purpose. Nothing compares to custom stonework.

Stonework speaks to stability, security, strength, and fortitude. That’s why stonework has survived the centuries. Stone carvers create the monuments that leave an enduring mark about your life.

Today, stonework and stone masonry are an art practiced by only a few highly trained craftsmen. Fortunately, the art of stonework and masonry is alive and well in Mirage Stone Works.

Types of stone construction from Mirage Stone Works:

  • Granite
  • Slate
  • Laterite
  • Marble
  • Quartzite

Different stones are suitable for different types of stone construction projects. Porosity, crush strength, and density contribute which stone will create the desired effect for your home project.

Each stone used for home stone work projects by Mirage Stone Works is fabricated and finished according to the best practices to achieve your desired look.

Care and Maintenance of Stone

Stone is a traditional building material that brings elegance and sleek fashion to your building, home, or entry way.

Most people think stone requires no maintenance, when in fact, from time to time stone will need to be finished or repaired.

We have decades of stone mason experience and we bring that experience to each project we take on. Particularly if you’re looking for advice on the maintenance or repair of a stone structure.

If you have questions about a stone structure in your home or building, please give us a call. Mirage Stone Works has a wealth of stone mason knowledge and experience that can help you make an informed decision about your project needs.

Mirage Stone Works of Michigan| Services And Service Areas

  • Stone fabrication and stone installation in Bloomfield, Michigan
  • Stone fabrication and stone installation in West Bloomfield, Michigan
  • Stone fabrication and stone installation in Northern Oakland County, Michigan
  • Stone fabrication and stone installation in Birmingham, Michigan
  • Stone fabrication and stone installation in Detroit, Michigan

Sassine Helou, the artist and craftsman behind Mirage Stone Works, is an Italian trained stone mason bringing his decades of experience to your stone design project.

Working with architects and engineers, Sassine creates hand crafted stonework including balusters and balustrade, stone fireplaces, stone countertops, and any other stone fabrication you can imagine.

Natural Stonework Fabrication In Michigan | Mirage Stone Works

There is no substitute for the effect of true, natural stone construction. Stone fabrication from the raw material, which is shaped, sculpted, and finished is an arduous process. Muscular precision and mental determination find their way through the stone mason’s hands and into every piece he creates.

The character of natural stone fabrication can never be duplicated by another process. And while modern technology has enhanced the toolset the stone mason uses for stone fabrication, the base of the art remains the same.

Stonework For Inside And Outside Your Home | Mirage Stone Works Of Detroit

Stone masonry is suitable for designs inside and outside the home. Stone fabrication includes

  • Stone fireplaces
  • Stone entryways
  • Stone grill stations
  • Stone countertops
  • Stone porches
  • Stone railings
  • Stone balusters

Mirage Stone Works of Michigan creates all these items and more. With skill and precision, Mirage Stone Works will fabricate and install your stone masonry project with excellent attention to detail and professional service.

Mirage Stone Works | A Leading Stonework Shop in Michigan

For the best stone works shop in Michigan, you want to call Mirage Stone Works of Detroit. Located in Sterling Heights, and serving all Oakland, Wayne, and Macomb counties, Mirage Stone Works will bring the strength and beauty of stone to your project.