Stonework Construction FAQ For Your Home

Stonework construction is seeing a renaissance in construction techniques across America. Here in Michigan many homeowners are discovering the natural beauty, durability, and value of stonework in their homes.

Mirage Stone Works serves public and professional stonework projects. Mirage Stone Works has decades of craftsmanship experience to their credit. And we would like to ask you to call if you have any questions about stonework for your home.

Here we have answered some of the more frequently asked questions we get about natural stonework construction.

Does Stonework Construction Increase The Value Of Your Home?

Yes. Investment in stonework construciton increases the value of your home because the craftsmanship and materials required are not easily attainable. The more intricate, genuine, and authentic the stonework, the more resale value you see.

Traditionally stonework has been associated with wealth and prosperity, and today that is still true. But what has changed is stonework’s appeal to modern architecture.

Stonework construction does not always mean castle like buildings of carved statues and columns. In the hands of a skilled craftsman and creative architects, modern stone homes have set stunning visual appeal in some of the world’s most exclusive areas.

Is Stonework Construction Energy Efficient?

Yes. Stone is massive, and anything with such mass remains steady in temperature. That means that in the hot days of summer natural stone offers the natural cooling effect of exchanging the nights coolness with the days heat.

In the winter the opposite is true. During the cold evenings stone radiates the captured head of the day.

The result, a more stable temperature for your home.

Is Stonework Construction Environmentally Friendly?

Natural stone is an environmentally friendly building material. The manufacturing process is nature itself. Stone is the result of millions of years of creation in the earth’s surface. There is very little done in refining the stone beyond shaping and fitting it to the application.

Is It Durable?

Of course. Stone is the most durable of building materials. It is capable of withstanding forces of nature that would topple other structures. Combined with smart design and great craftsmanship, a stonework construction home is as formidable a fortress as castles of the past.

As for inside the home, nothing will provide the durability of stone countertops. Natural stone inside and outside the home is an investment that will last centuries.

Is It Easy To Care For?

Yes. Some finished stone may require some attention, but stonework generally is a low maintenance material to care for.

Like other natural material, stone ages with a natural beauty. Keeping this beauty alive and fresh simple cleaning is all that’s required.

Is Stonework Construction Expensive?

Compared to less durable materials, stonework can be more expensive. Unlike a veneer, natural stone requires craftsmanship and tools of specialized tradesmen.

How Do I Get Started With Stonework?

The first step in getting started is contacting the right professionals. Genuine stonemasons can work with you and your architect to compare, select, and purchase the best stone for your project.

Mirage Stone Works would be happy to talk with you about the steps you need to ensure a beautiful and successful stonework home project.