Stonework Masters in Detroit

Detroit is Rich With Stone Mason History

Stoneworks as art is an often overlooked feature of Detroit. The historic level of stone craftsmanship has developed Detroit’s unique Art Deco architecture. The city is one of the few American cities that retained the original early to mid twentieth century stone work. The stonework you find in Detroit is unique, modern, and excellently executed. The stonemasons who crafted it have been the finest in the world.

Stone Masons Made Detroit

In keeping with the traditional stone masonry motif of Downtown Detroit, the surrounding communities like West Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, Gross Point, all developed their own architectural styles following in the footprint of the Downtown titans.

Unlike the stonework found in buildings of Downtown Detroit, the suburban stonemasons worked to develop more personal stone architecture projects for the area’s affluent industry leaders. That tradition continues today with many suburban communities around Detroit. But, unlike the heyday of stone masons in the early and mid twentieth century in Detroit, the skilled men that rose these buildings by hand are hard to find.

The Original General Motors Building Downtown Detroit

Detroit’s Historical Strength of Industry

As America grew into as the technological and industrial powerhouse of the world, Detroit was a center of industrial might. Stonework mansions like the Standish Bakus Mansion in Grosse Pointe set global standards in new residential stone Tudor mansions.

photo courtesy GP Historical Society

Detroit’s Only True Stone Fabricator: Mirage Stoneworks

Many of Detroit’s early stonemasons received their training in Europe. Some of the best came from Italy. Italian trained stone fabricators were, and are among the best trained in the world. And while you may think it hard to find a stone mason trained in Italy, Michigan has one of the rare breed.

Sassine Helou, Mirage Stone Work’s founder and lead craftsman is an Italian trained stone mason who is proud to practice his craft in South East Michigan.

Today, not many Tudor Stone Mansions are being built in Michigan. But many residential homeowners still want the strength and beauty of stonework craftsmanship. And today’s modern stone fabricators like Mirage Stoneworks are prepared to offer a wide range of stone fabrication services.

Mirage Stoneworks Services

From interior work to exterior porches, entryways, and outdoor structures, Mirage Stone Works provides complete residential and commercial stone fabrication.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Mirage Stone Works Fabricate Marble and Granite?

Yes. Mirage Stone Works is completely equipped and trained to provide stone fabrication of marble and granite counter tops as well as other custom marble and granite creations.

Does Mirage Stone Works do Installation?

Yes. As a complete stone fabrication service, Mirage Stone Works can carry a project from concept through build and installation. Working with your architect, Mirage Stone Works can build your stone work vision.

Does Mirage Stone Works a Veneer Stonework Company?

No. Mirage Stone Works is a true stone fabrication facility. They have the specialized tools and skills to create stone structures from scratch.

Call Now For More Information

If you are thinking about custom stonework or marble and granite fabrication give Mirage Stone Works a call. Sassine will be happy to set aside some time to discuss your project.